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Filipino Christian Center

Reach out. Make disciples. Establish churches.

FCC's past, present, and beyond

A group of diverse Christian Filipinos came together to fellowship once a month sometime in the early 90's at the multi-purpose room of the National Church of God (NCOG) in Fort Washington, Maryland. As the monthly meetings progressed, Pastor T.L. Lowery realized that one thing was missing —- a pastor for this group of Filipinos whom they can truly call their own. In May 1991, at the invitation of Pastor T.L. Lowery, Rev. Mariano Gabor and his wife, Rev. Lorenzita Gabor, accepted the call ushering the beginning of the Filipino Christian Center (FCC) with the support of four families.

Fast-forward, twenty-four years later, because of God's faithfulness and what God has done, seven pastors have been birthed from FCC, four of whom have their own thriving churches and ministries; four new churches have been planted and countless missions, missionaries, ministries, and community activities in the areas, the U.S., the Philippines, and around the world have been supported and continue to be supported by FCC.

There is no doubt what the Lord can do to accomplish His plan and purpose. The future of FCC rests in His hands. Meanwhile, FCC will continue to obey God's commission to preach the gospel winning should for the Kingdom of God. Prepare the leaders to establish c churches in every community.

FCC thanks the Almighty God for all the countless brethren who have shared the Word, worshipped, served, and visited through the years. The Name of the Lord is to be praised forever!

What lies ahead: This coming May 2016, FCC will be celebrating 25 years of God's faithfulness!

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